What is document management

The Importance of Document Management

Document management refers to any method to store, organize, and share information. Traditional examples have including filing systems, ledgers, and interoffice memos.

For businesses operating today, document management has to come to mean ways to digitally capture information and incorporate the traditional paper-filing management systems into a hybrid system that allows businesses to access physical and digital data without compromising either system. E-docs USA provides software to ease the conversion of paper records to secure digitally scanned and stored images.

physical and digital document management

Individualized Setup

Document management works by allowing an individual business to set up their own storage systems. By listening to its clients, a company like e-docs USA helps set up document management systems that work for a business’s own specific needs.

In other words, document management can be designed to meet the needs of every unique business.


Information can be stored by any number of specific categories or a combination of several category types. Information can be managed based on criteria like:

• Invoices

• Messages

• Business quotes

• Work types

• Outstanding Tasks, such as unfinished jobs or unpaid bills

• Completed Tasks

A business can also create its own tool to better categorize specific records.


Every successful business requires organization and document management allows every business to keep itself organized by creating easy access to its records. E-docs USA uses ScanQuire software to ease the conversion of paper records to secure digitally stored scanned images as well as provide cloud computing services and engineering development and support services.

Depending on its specific needs, a business can organize their information using any number of categorizations, including but not limited to:

• Years

• Invoice Numbers

• Client Name

• Item description

• Security clearance

• Retention date, or the date when the data can be destroyed


Every business has different levels of storage needs. Paperless storage systems are often the best way to store and then access important documents, records, and business transactions. 

A quality document management system designed for your business allows you to have multiple ways to store and access your data.

Scanning – This allows businesses to scan physical records to be uploaded and maintained in the cloud or other digital storage. This allows businesses the option to confidently destroy old paper documents based on preference and/or law requirements.

Physical Storage – Though it is necessary to sometimes hang onto paper records, paperless systems cut way down on the amount of physical storage space a company has to devote to this item. Employees can access scanned versions of such documents for reference without having to go find the actual piece of paper. There is less need for file cabinets and dusty storage rooms.

Digital/Physical Hybrid – Creating a digital copy of a physical data set, but keeping the physical copy available. This method allows a business to use the scanned system as the primary document management tool while using the physical storage as needed. 


Business sometimes have to share information, either between to different departments of a single business or with an outside party. Document management provides methods for a business to relay both physical and digital data in various methods. For example it is simpler to attach a scanned invoice to an email to a co-worker than to find that invoice and then walk it over to that coworker, or make a copy to give to that coworker.

For inter-office sharing, document management on a shared server  allows multiple individuals with the correct clearance to access the data without having to request the information from a single person or go find it in some file cabinet.

For outside the office, document management can allow you to share information conveniently by email or fax without having to physically mail it or drive it over to another place.

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