Going Paperless Improves Company Efficiency

A Few Reasons How Going Paperless Can Promote Efficiency

Going paperless no longer has to be a scary thing for businesses. Businesses understand more than ever that when it comes to saving paper, it actually is more efficient to scan paperwork for later easy retrieval. 

Firstly, the need to organize, store, and maintain large amounts of paper records can be exhausting and waste of worker productivity. Paperwork ideally should be organized based on the seeker’s needs. But if everything is stored under one thing such as customer name, finding out other information like how many customers ordered a product in the last year, would be a major hassle to search for.


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Secondly having to have some workers continually file papers on a daily or weekly basis, again may be inefficient. Walking back and forth to file cabinets, opening drawers, searching through folders till they find the right one, and making that paper fit, are all steps that take time. By document scanning, a worker can more easily do it all right at their desk, placing the scanned document in the right folder all on their “computer” and their co-worker can locate it as easily without literally walking over to a file cabinet and searching for that paper.

Security Risks

Having a large volume of papers sitting around or in file cabinets can be a security risk. The personal information in your business files need to be scrupulously safeguarded. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can proved to be an expensive problem to fix.

On a different note, loose papers or storage boxes can present a physical problem in your office space. What if someone were to slip on papers or if a heavy storage box fell over and injured someone. Now you have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands! It may sound silly but lots of paper could even be construed as a fire hazard.

Going paperless can eliminate or minimize the risks. Your employees can feel better knowing important information is safe as well as their own work environment. Employee satisfaction is tied to how they perceive you care about them and your clients. If you are careful about your workplace, they will be too. 

Save the Trees

Depending on your business, going paperless can help you save money on the purchase of paper. You can have one physical paper which now is stored securely and then can be seen, distributed, and sent by viewing on a computer screen, shared through a group system, or attached to an email or text. 

For example, a single court document can be several pages long. Imagine someone needing to see it and you having to copy it to give to that someone,  when all they needed to “see” is a specific paragraph or even a sentence or  seal of certification. What a waste of paper!

Going paperless allows a company to save money on printing paper by not having to print out or make copies.  A scanned document can simply be attached to an email, uploaded to a shared Dropbox, or even sent by text. Your money gets saved and so do our trees. 

Employee Morale and Productivity

Nobody wants to be stuck digging though old files especially if the filing system is outdated. Imagine if that record is 5 years old and stored in a dusty storeroom. Even if the space is decent, sending an employee to find a single piece of paper can cause stress and frustration. It can be like a scavenger hunt. And if they can’t find it easily, what a time waster. They cant feel particularly valued.

Employee morale plays a large role in productivity; if the employee can easily access the data they need to do their job, they’ll feel good about themselves- capable, productive and helpful to the company and their co-workers. Using a paperless storage system allows everyone a shared understanding of how the information has been stored and the best ways to find what they’re looking for.

Control Costs

Less physical records require less physical storage, which can promote the overall efficiency of a business simply by offering opportunities to streamline the work process. Time and money is spent on more important tasks than searching for paper to carry out a task.

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