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Denis G. Colomb, Founder

Mr. Colomb brought over twenty years of successful sales and marketing experience to e-Docs. His tactical and strategic vision benefitted corporations such as Motorola, Iterated Systems, and Ardent Computers. Mr. Colomb began his career with the CIA as a Photo Interpretation Scientist. After eight years with the CIA, Mr. Colomb jointly formed the Standard Data Corporation, which became publicly traded in 1986. Prior to his joining Motorola, as Director of the Imagery Lab in 1996, he was also a co-founder of Ardent Computer, which specializes in Image Computing Systems. In 1997, Mr. Colomb co-founded Visual Science Corporation and, in association with KPMG, performed a market analysis and product line testing relative to records and document management systems and professional services. Mr. Colomb held several direct and indirect US Patents relating to computer and medical imaging topics. As CEO and co-founder of e-Docs USA, Denis Colomb brought to this company prior experience in digital imaging, image recognition, customer-based product development, and a host of contacts within the Health Care industry. Mr. Colomb tragically died in 2005. We work hard to be the company that he started in 1999.

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Emcare / RTI

Emcare significantly reduces the billing cycle for their Emergency Room physicians and nurses by scanning and indexing patient records, making them immediately available for coding and billing. As an added value to their client hospitals, scanned records are immediately available for search and retrieval.

Case Summary

Emcare faced increasingly longer billing cycles for their ER staff as their business grew to 300+ hospitals—their manual process of copying and shipping patient records to their coding and billing partner, RTI, took too long, was too costly, and was unable to scale to meet their growth. Now they easily manage their existing volume, requiring only one Billing Coordinator per hospital to scan and electronically transmit the patient records.

RTI now has immediate access to previous day patient records, significantly shorting the billing cycle while increasing efficiency and maximizing staff utilization.

Both Emcare and RTI are now able to manage costs and accurately forecast their FTE needs while enjoying the excellent opportunity for future growth.

The Challenge

Emcare, the nation’s leading provider of emergency care, and Reimbursement Technologies, Inc. (RTI), a premier nationwide physician billing and financial management company, needed to shorten the billing cycle for the Emcare ER staff and reduce costs.

Their manual process required one or more Billing Coordinators to copy 600-1000+ pages of patient records per day, per hospital, and to ship it to RTI. This proved logistically and financially prohibitive, throttling business growth.

The e-Docs Solution

The e-Docs Document Imaging Solution utilizes tried-and-true document imaging software—trusted by the U.S. government, airlines, and other higher security organizations—to capture images of patient records creating electronic paper that is then electronically transferred to RTI for coding and billing. The immediate benefit is a shortened billing cycle. Eliminating the paper eliminated shipping costs and the logistics of transporting the paper records. And the increased efficiency allowed better utilization of FTEs.

As an added value to their clients, the electronic paper allows the ER and hospital staff immediate access to patient records for search and retrieval. The shortened billing cycle and ease of patient record access increase ER staff job satisfaction, reducing attrition.

The custom-tailored e-Docs Document Imaging Solution is easy and quick to deploy for new clients, so Emcare and RTI are now empowered to expand their business to a greater number of hospitals, and allowing them to manage the volume of even larger hospitals.

The Bottom Line

The custom-tailored e-Docs Document Imaging Solution has allowed Emcare and RTI to shorten the billing cycle, to greatly improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and afford them the opportunity to grow their business, while enhancing the value of their offering to their client hospitals. The result is client satisfaction that ensures client retention.


Chief Executive Officer

Our President & Chief Executive Officer, Tressa Orizotti, brings over 30 years of experience in Project Management, Enterprise Software, and Time Management. She sets the tone and culture of our support with a history of driving top-and bottom-line growth in technology, information management, and professional services businesses.

She has a collaborative approach with our team & our clients, with high ethical standards, and a track record of delivery that has led to building and maintaining strong, long-term customer relationships. She is the main point of contact for this proposal and any resulting contract and can be reached at (406) 490-3732 or by email.

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel C. Roper has been with e-Docs since 2018. Mr. Roper brings 30 years of programming and application development experience. Dan’s ability to work independently or with a team has been very useful with e-Docs as he needed to hit the ground running. His ability to work with end-users to determine functional requirements and developing software solutions to meet their functional requirements. His expertise in diagnosing, identifying, researching, and resolving hardware and software problems is a benefit to our customers. His ability to multi-task, meet deadlines, and automate manual tasks into electronic processes has benefitted e-Docs Software Applications and e-Docs customers. Mr. Roper has made a contribution that will be with e-Docs for years to come.


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