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e-Docs “ScanQuire”s Document Management Software’s primary value is to ease the process, capture, storage, retrieval, and search on keyword indexing of document conversions from departmental to enterprise-wide solutions and digital archives.

ScanQuire is more than just reducing paper, the software, and searchable archives, we offer information integration, security, and Hybrid storage applications for small to medium enterprises.

ScanQuire is a SaaS application in the public cloud, private cloud, or on a local server, SharePoint database or WEBAPP on the RecordsNET CLOUDis a cost-effective option.

ScanQuire Components

The components of ScanQuire include Capturing and storing in custom archivers, OCR and AI indexing, and searchable databases. Transform high volumes of documents into actionable data for critical business processes and applications. Reduce high labor costs and improve the accuracy of the information associated with document processes.

Control access and security

Set group, user, or document-type rules to control access rights to certain information. This is essential for confidential documents such as contracts, employee records, and HIPAA compliant records.

Finding and

OCR and intelligently index documents automatically for automated organization and simplified findability. Users can instantly access documents from any device, within or outside an office environment, to support the process at hand.

Sharing and collaborating

Securely share documents between users with full access rights, version control, and other precautionary measures to ensure the integrity of the information. Provide editing, annotations, and task management to help users make the most of the information when it is in their hands.

AcQuire Workflow Manager

Your company runs on processes. Sales, HR, finance, and others require fluid, reliable transfer ofinformation to make the right decisions at the right time.

When processes like order management, employee onboarding, and invoice approval can be designed for your precise needs and automated to remove wasted time, your entire team unlocks a new pace of productivity.
AcQuire Management tools Avoid losing track of assignments when you use AcQuire automation capabilities to manage routine tasks. In lists, you can see your tasks conveniently bundled. For example, reviewing new contracts or reading important HR documents. Lists are automatically updated. Documents that no longer meet the criteria are dropped. New, suitable documents are displayed immediately.

Set up email notifications when relevant documents become available (such as the latest payroll), or prompt colleagues to review and edit a document. Email notifications are completely automated. As soon as a document meets the criteria, the mail is sent with a direct link for review and editing.
Documents from any source are completely and automatically indexed (without manual data entry) before they are stored in your E-Docs file cabinet.

  • Paper documents that you scan from desktop scanners or shared multifunction devices.
  • Electronic documents that E-Docs automatically import from monitored shared folders.
  • Documents are created with the applications that you store in E-Docs using the print function, such as presentations, reports, invoices, correspondence, contracts, or construction drawings.

e-Doc Forms enables you to create flexible, useful web-based forms with no programming required. Use text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, calendar inputs, file uploads and more for precise and secure information capture. Decide which fields are required. When you are ready, grab the URL and share it with the world. All forms are secure and automatically optimized for mobile.

e-Docs Forms provides design control over positioning, labels, and more – all configured through a highly intuitive drag-drop interface. No programming and no IT support are required.

Audit Report & Alerts

Synchronize automatic uploads to customer Storage device CLOUD or On-premises to database nightly. Audit reports of daily scans:


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