Application development

What We Do

Unlike out-of-the-box application solutions, here at e-Docs, we utilize a six-step process to create an application tailored to your specific needs. Wanting to automate data processes? Enable employees to work remotely? Create custom workflows? Facilitate collaboration? Enter e-Docs application development.

Why custom application development?

  1. Applications Can be Changed and Updated On-Demand
  2. Good Return-On-Investment
  3. More Easily Integrated With Other Systems
  4. Enables More Secure Databases
  5. Allows for Custom Automations and Workflows
  6. Automated Reporting Cuts Down on Employee Workload
  7. Audit Reports of Employees For Managers

7 Benefits of Mobile App Development


Access and share business and personal information from anywhere anytime.


Built-for-purpose devices and services


High speed to access information fast


Affordable access to a repository of information like online data, images, word documents, pdf files, upload new documents, and other online facilities


End-user experience is enhanced


Higher workplace productivity, improved profitability quotient, and so forth


Built for business requirements

Custom, Not Expensive

There are a many benefits to custom application development. And with increasingly complex internal systems and increasingly specialized companies, customization is becoming more the norm than the exception.

But “custom” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.” By leveraging existing software and customizing with bolt-on solutions, you gain many of the customization benefits without a tremendous cost.

For most organizations, it’s about choosing a software “hub” and then custom-building applications from that underlying software that suit their unique needs


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