RecordsNET Administration Support

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our promises of service and support are basic to essential SLAs agreements.

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting is nightly, weekly, and monthly performance reports.

Resource Monitoring & Configuration Management

Are sufficient controls for the provider to track and monitor services provided to customers and any changes made to their systems.


Technical capabilities & processes

Security Practices

Security Infrastructure

Comprehensive security infrastructure for all levels and types of cloud services.

Security policies & procedures

Comprehensive Security policies and procedures in place for controlling access to provider and customer systems. Audit Logs to the user level are standard.

Identity Management

Identity management includes changes to any application service or hardware component that are authorized on a personal or group role basis, and authentication is required for anyone to change an application or data.

Backup & Recovery

Data backup, disaster recovery and retention Policies and procedures ensure integrity of customers are standard and customizable.

Physical Security & Controls

Physical security and Controls ensure physical security including access to co-located hardware. Also, data centers have environmental safeguards to protect equipment and data from disruptive events. Redundant networking and power and a documented disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

ScanQuire Imaging, Document Management & Workflow Software

ScanQuire Imaging, Document Management and Workflow Software is the modern platform for document management and workflow automation. It is available in the form of SaaS services from the cloud as well as a traditional on-premises solution, both with the same scope of application and the same design. ScanQuire as a cloud solution is available with flexible licenses for different company sizes and offers you maximum security, scalability, and availability.

Automatic updates & backups keep you up to date at all times. Each subscription contains the full range of functions including AI intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, AcQuire Forms, and several other applications. You only have to decide how many user licenses and how much storage you need.

Preconfigured solutions for key applications based on ScanQuire in the RecordsNET Vault provide immediate access to office automation. Such solutions currently exist for healthcare, government, and schools. On-premises solutions combine a server license with client licenses as well as add-on module licenses if necessary.

Three different server editions cover different requirements:

  1. RecordsNET Vault Alliance Server is an entry-level solution for small businesses that do not require additional modules or larger file cabinets.
  2. RecordsNET Vault Departmental allows midsize companies to have virtually unlimited file cabinet size and functional extensions through additional modules.
  3. RecordsNET Vault ENTERPRISE Server meets the high performance and document security requirements of large companies with load balancing, clustering, and encryption.

Additional modules extend the range of functions here as well. Below is a list of all the main functions of RecordsNET Vault and its add-on modules, each listed with their availability in RecordsNET Vault and the various server editions. For client functions, their availability is also listed in the RecordsNET Vault Web Client and the Windows Explorer Client.


ScanQuire is a “software as a service” (SaaS) solution. RecordsNET Vault in turn relies on the services of Microsoft Azure as a “platform as a service” (PaaS) for its own offering. All customer documents, files, and metadata are stored on Azure Storage. The databases are hosted by Azure SQL (managed service).


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