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RecordsNET Vault provides a variety of options to meet the unique records needs of any business. 

When it comes to a records inventory, few things can be more frustrating than duplicate records.

 Identifying what records exist by records inventory.

A records inventory should serve two primary purposes: a solid report that shows what information you have in your storage system, and whether or not any of those records can be considered redundant.

For example, if the inventory shows you have three copies of an invoice filed for one customer for a single date, the redundancy of those records could cause confusion. If the records in question turn out to be identical, why does that invoice exist in the system three times?

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Records inventory allows an administrator to maintain clear records by eliminating unneeded information while also providing a method to verify which records can remain in the system. RecordsNet Vault provides users with the tools to better organize, streamline, and maintain their records.

Applying required retention periods to stored items

Not all businesses have the same record retention requirements.

A government agency that handles public records information, such as water level reports or the voting records of an elected government organization, may be required by state law to retain those records for a period of ten years before any physical records can be destroyed. On the other hand, a mom-and-pop automotive repair garage may only need to keep records for seven years.

Because of those differences in record retention requirements, RecordsNet Vault allows individual users the ability to create their own time parameters that can be adjusted to specific retention timeframes.

Identifying the owner of each records series

If certain data sets have to be maintained by a specific user, RecordsNet Vault provides a feature to identify the owner of the series. This option prevents multiple people from working on the same data sets while providing a way to assign and monitor an individual’s workflow responsibilities.

Determining that a chain of custody and a proper audit trail both exist

One piece of data can be seen and handled by many different people in a single organization. RecordsNet Vault provides a tracking feature for every document to establish who viewed a document for clarification and auditing purposes.

Assisting in e-discovery issues and applying legal holds to records when needed.

If the data in question has issues with e-discovery needs, or in the event legal holds have to be applied to specific records, RecordsNet Vault can provide assistance based on the individual company’s needs.

Preserving records throughout their life cycle

Any records that go into the system can be tracked and preserved for the entire length of the specific records retention requirements. So it doesn’t matter if the records has to be preserved for six months or six years.

Managing disposition (disposal of documents)

If certain data sets can be eliminated, RecordsNet Vault helps facilitate that disposal.

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