Pandemic Effect on Offices to Go Paperless

Benefits of Going Paperless

The need to go paperless is one of the biggest discoveries of  businesses because of the recent pandemic. Working remote during the pandemic caused businesses to find new opportunities to establish better workflow processes. 

More Productivity, Less Running Around

As many employers were forced to implement work-from-home and other remote working strategies during the pandemic, the need to go paperless suddenly became much more immediate. You could no longer walk a document over to a co-worker to show them what you were talking about.

Office trends have been leaning towards paperless work strategies for years. Those trends have been backed by efficiency studies highlighting the amount of time lost when focusing on paper-based tasks.

going digital concept

For example, a single printed document can present a variety of efficiency challenges. Depending on the situation, that document may need to be passed between multiple inboxes, signed by three people, copied to another three people, and then finally stored in a specific cabinet. Think about the time wasted having to physically move that one document to each of those different people and physically filing it. Then later to refer to it, that paper within a file must be physically located.

On the other hand, remote office options have demonstrated how digital paperless work strategies can save time and is more efficient. A single digital copy of that same document can be e-mailed or forwarded through a records system with ease, allowing the right people to view and sign the document. Then all parties can receive a copy of the signed document and save it on their own computer for easy referral. The original is saved in the company’s record storage system on the cloud for easy access.

Workflow Tracking

Most paperless records systems also include features that allow users to track exactly where a specific document has gone, the person currently reviewing the document, and how much time remains to complete the task in question.
Every digital document can be applied to any workflow process, providing a better way to keep the process running smoothly while eliminating redundancies.

Healthy and Happy 

Every business has responded to the pandemic in its own unique way. Some of gone completely remote, others have favored a traditional office environment with a few new accommodations, and many have adopted a hybrid solution using the best parts from both systems.

Most importantly, the paperless approach has allowed every business to maintain the health and safety of their employees while running their business. Even after returning to a physical workplace, employees are not willing to give up the convenience and efficiency of paperless processes.  

The paperless options have also been shown to increase worker productivity even remotely. For example if a worker has to stay home for quarantine they can still work, staying on top of projects, reviewing necessary documents, and signing off on tasks.

This approach has also allowed employees to save their PTO (paid time off) or sick time for vacation and emergencies rather than being forced to use those precious hours. They are productive and happy thanks in part to their office going paperless.

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