Convert Paper Records Securely with ScanQuire Program

Converting Paper Documents Digitally

To convert paper records to a digital accessible record can seem difficult. To do it safely is an additional priority. But transferring hard documents to digitally-stored images does not have to be an overwhelming task.

Depending on the amount of paper records your business has generated, the idea of having to make sure no records are lost can fill even the most dedicated records keeper with dread.

Fortunately, e-Docs offers solid assurances when it comes to this task.

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Records Scanning Services

e-Docs USA offers records and document scanning services, providing a way to professional scan and upload your documents using fast and reliable techniques that have been proven to work with time and practice.

Document scanning and records retention has become essential component for any business to operate in the 21st century. While hard copies of records do provide the reliability of possessing a physical record of any transaction, exchange, or decision, the sheer volume of paperwork that can accumulate even in a single week can quickly become a burden in terms of storage and safety.

Records scanning provides a more efficient way to store records, with storage options including the cloud or smaller on-premise devices such as hard drives and thumb drives. Such options mean record retention can take up less physical space than a room full of boxes.

Safe storage can also be a prime advantage of records scanning. In addition to providing a more secure storage location, the lack of physical records decreases the chances of the physical storage boxes causing injury to anyone moving around the office. At the same time, the lack of a large room filled with paper and other flammable materials lessens the possibility of a fire hazard.


To better facilitate the secure conversion of paper records to digital images, e-Docs USA uses a program called ScanQuire. In addition to being a safe and secure scanning tool, ScanQuire is also for remote access and easy record search.

Being able to upload a large volume of paper data would be useless without allowing users with access to access the data whenever they need it, especially if they happen to be off-site or in the field. ScanQuire’s remote access option provides that requirement.

Additionally, ScanQuire provides such features as barcode reading, automatic indexing, and a logging system that creates a .csv file for a painless view of all files scanned. ScanQuire has customized archiving types, which allow for additional personalized features to be created to fit a user’s individual needs.

ScanQuire also allows:

• BarCode Scanning

• Mobile and Tablet Scanning

• Data exportation in a variety of digital formats, including PDFs and Word Documents

By using our services to convert paper records, you never have to worry about losing data or being unable to locate the information uploaded to the cloud or an on-site server. E-docs USA has the expertise and tools to help update your recordkeeping.

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