Document Scanning

Document Scanning:  Retrieving Important Information More Easily

Retrieving important information from piles of paper is easier than ever with the right partner. E-docs USA has document imaging solutions that can help your company be more efficient.  Saving paper whether at home or in the office, quickly becomes a storage problem as we all know. And anyone that’s purchased a packet of printing paper can understand how much the cost of paper can be!

Regain Your Office Space

When considering the pros of document scanning, it’s helpful to consider the amount of office square footage you can free up with digital documentation. For example, the typical office vertical file cabinet is 28½ inches deep and the drawer holds 27 inches of files. How may cabinets can your office realistically fit. By scanning the documents, you can limit the amount of physical space needed to store work documentation. 

document scanning


Document maintenance does not end with storage. If you don’t know how to find the information you need, storing the physical copies in a cabinet can be no different than shoving them in a corner.  Retrieving important information is clearly critical to the efficiency of your operations. 

While the process of document scanning can mean simply creating a digital copy of the document so it can be located later, Document scanning allows users the ability to categorize and locate the documents as needed. You may want to pull up information by customer name, invoice amount, product name, etc.  The possibilities are as creative as the needs of your particular business. Most importantly, your records are organized and therefore accessible quickly. Retrieving important information is simply easier

Sharing Information

Sharing physical records isn’t so easy.  If you have to send an invoice to another office, the original document has to be located,  copied and then given to the recipient by hand or mail.

Document scanning increases the ease of sharing by providing more options for sharing information.

In addition to faxing, scanned documents can also be e-mailed, texted, and shared through a joint records system. The ability for scanned documents to be shared can be a huge convenience for people and businesses, whether they have to relay information at high rates or just occasionally send information when the request comes across their desks.

Better Security

Physical documents can only be safeguarded by physical systems, think of  the lock on your file cabinet. How secure is that?  Physical storage limits your ability for information to be protected.

For example, if someone attempts to access information stored in a filing cabinet, you have the building security to prevent them from entering your premises and that lock on the cabinet. That’s it.

Document scanning, however, allows digital security options, including firewall protections and encryptions. Physical and digital protections will prove to be much harder for anyone looking to steal the information.

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