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E-docs USA is a leader in the industry helping businesses and institutions properly convert to paperless systems. Document capture and storage is scanning paper documents and storing them in a searchable database. It is a convenient and secure way to store and then access saved specific information such as client information, invoices, and contracts.

Suppose you are a healthcare provider and have health records and documents collected from your patients. Document capturing allows you to scan and save documents for those patients, such as test results, HIPAA release forms, or copies of insurance cards. These paper records can then be stored securely in a digital database. Your patients’ private information is then accessible as needed and only to appropriate personnel.

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To capture and store your business’s important information, you need a reliable and experienced company like e-docs USA. They can develop a system that will allow you to easily scan your documents based on categories, such as dates, client names, account numbers, or specific phrases used in a document. By designing a capture and store system that works for your company you will be able to operate more efficiently and your client records will be secure.

There is very little limit to what can be scanned and saved. You can digitize and store hard documents like books, passport photos, or instruction manuals. You can scan sales reports and then distribute to employees. You can scan partnership agreements and send to consultants or specialists outside of your business.

The document scanning and capturing services offered by e-Docs USA presents fast and reliable service in a constantly changing business environment.

Limit Physical Copies

A business can generate a great deal of physical paper with data that requires care, attention, and storage. Document capturing allows businesses to archive older information so they can use physical space for more recent data.

Think about how much paper your business generates in a month? How much of that information needs to be physically stored for reference? How much space does that storage require? How safe and secure is that storage space? And if anything should happen to the physical records, such as a fire or water damage, does your business have another copy available?

Many businesses have started to embrace a paperless approach to data record keeping, the use of paper continues to be a necessary and useful practice in many ways. But then document capturing provides an excellent way to store those physical copies safely while allowing a business to maintain the originals for a needed length of time.

E-Docs USA provides server storage networks and a variety of software options to make better use of cloud computing services.

Communicating your Data

Document capturing allows a business to communicate better both internally and externally. As your business grows, interacting with  others allows for better growth and efficient conversations.

It may help to think of document capturing like a  smartphone. As a tool, that device can do a great deal by itself. Connect it to the internet, and now the device can access information and communicate with other devices.

By investing in a document capture and storage system, a business increases its capacity to share information with clients and vendors. Need to send an invoice to a client, or a purchase slip to a vendor? If you have captured and stored the original paper document, it will be easy to access and send the item. Document capturing can provide a way for all select  information to be  saved and then shared using search and share tools.

E-Docs USA offers ScanQuire software as a simple and fast scanning solution to encourage easy searching and remote access. A quick and easy scanning solution, it can be included with a storage solution that allows for secure access, easy searching, and remote access. ScanQuire allows for barcode reading, automatic indexing, and a logging system that creates a .csv file for a painless view of all files scanned.

Business Adaptability

Because not all businesses operate the same way, e-Docs USA engineers will design a system tailored to your specifications. We will provide you with a quote based on what you have told us you need and our recommendations. For complex systems, we will show you a prototype of your system in an online demonstration before installation to make sure that you will be satisfied with the end result. 

The system will allow your company to adapt more readily to changes in your business field. Document capturing and storing allows companies to maintain and share their records based on their own needs. 

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