Benefits of identity management

Benefits of Identity Management

Identity management, or IAM, refers to all the processes and practices used to manage how data gets accessed. It’s an all-encompassing term that applies to how data gets stored and then who gets access to stored data.

All data is important to someone, and because of its importance, who gets to access that data is critical. For example, the business records of a private house painting company might not seem of interest to anyone outside of the business but you don’t want others outside the company able to look at your company’s private records.

If a “hostile party” managed to gain access to those records, the damage can be immeasurable for everyone – your business, your employees, and your clients present and former. So Security is a top benefit to identity management. 

Some of the other big benefits of identity management include:

benefits of identity management

Better Data Accessibility

Relying solely on physical records retention can be time consuming sometimes requiring the searcher to travel to a storage location just to access the data in question. But e-docs USA can set your company up so data can be stored in a digital cloud, with an IAM allows the right people to access the information they want from any location. For example if a business operating in Texas has records that a person with access privileges in Tennessee wants to see the information, they can.

Record Better Business Communication

One thing the Covid pandemic has demonstrated is communication remains the most vital part of doing business in the 21st century. As more businesses increase their digital presence, the need to maintain security and access privileges encourages better communication between every participant.  IAM supports that communication by providing security and user authentication. It’s like having a bouncer outside a club that knows the password to get in while also knowing the face of every person allowed inside. The people with access communicate with the business through the IAM protocols, and the business allows them entry while maintaining their data in a secure location

Better Productivity

No matter the size or focus of the business, disorganization remains the chief culprit of lack of productivity.  IAM provides a simple solution to that problem.

IAM allows any business to maintain control over data access, especially by recognizing new employees and managing the company’s operating system. This allows a business to eliminate data collection problems such as redundancies, which can mean the elimination of multiple copies of the same document or making sure several different employees don’t do the same task.

Better User Experience

If you’ve ever had a bad experience trying to access something, you’ll appreciate the need for a better user experience.

IAM can enhance a user’s experience by streamlining how a user accesses the system. While most websites require different usernames, passwords, and security questions, IAM can provide access through a simple four-digit code, eliminating the danger of storing access information in unsafe places or the irritation of having to reset passwords every time the system has to be accessed.

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