Who Needs Identity Management?


Identity management, sometimes called identity and access management, refers to a system of security policies and tools that allow only the users with the right security clearances to access the company’s resources. Meaning if you are identified as okay to have access, then you gain entry.

In addition to the software applications like specialized search programs and databases, identity management also helps ensure the user can access any other applications necessary for a company to function and for the user to do their job.

So who needs a reliable and secure identity management system?

Who Needs Identity Management?

Anyone Looking to Maintain Data Security and Access

Back in December 2021, the Ultimate Kronos Group suffered a ransomware attack that shut down their operations. When that happened, every organization that used the group’s products to manage payroll and human resource data effectively lost access to the information, a crippling blow that forced those organizations to find new ways to deal with the problem while the programs were out of commission.

More than anything else, the ransomware attack offered another example illustrating how the days of a simple login and password being enough to maintain data integrity have been over for a long time. But because even large companies may not be able to rely solely on in-house resources to secure their data, using a professional identity management expert can help fortify those defenses.

Anyone Seeking Workflow Simplicity

Most organizations use multiple systems to conduct business, which can create weak points in system security that outside forces can take advantage of.

For example, a process server company makes use of multiple search programs for researching legal cases, the addresses of named defendants, and any relevant information from various law enforcement agencies. All those search programs and tools can require different usernames and passwords, which presents security risks in the form of user error to remember or maintain the security requirements for all of those necessary programs. And should a user need to reset their username or password due to an error, doing so can disrupt the overall flow of work, negatively impacting both the company and the other organizations relying on that system integrity.

Identity management allows an organization to link those numerous programs and systems under one security umbrella, creating a simpler method to manage and maintain data security. Internal systems can be accessed through one login name and password, which is managed by one professional.

The business gets a better understanding of who can access the systems, and the users can stay logged in until their tasks have been completed. Simplicity and security, all from identity management. 

Companies Following New Security Trends

This one should apply to every business using management systems because security trends change so frequently.

When it comes to system security, change remains the only constant in business. User names and login protocols used to be simple, but then system changes demanded more complex login passwords. So while a simple password like “LetMeIn” was once acceptable, current password protocols require the password to look more like “LEtmEIN22!?”

Hardware security protocols changed with the times, too. Safes with dial combinations were once the pinnacle of in-house resource containment, but then biometrics added a new layer of protection. 

Whether it’s an update to existing software or the introduction of a brand new piece of hardware, the constant change in operational tools results in new identity management procedures. Whatever that next feature will be, identity management allows a company to adapt to those changes faster.

Any organization looking to stay one step ahead of the security trends can find that help with the use of identity management systems.

Anyone Looking to Keep Things Simple

Operating any business takes time, care, and resources just for the day-to-day tasks. But because system integrity always is a factor, identity management can help a business maintain that security with minimal headaches. Whether its data security, workflow simplicity, or identifying new login trends, it provides simple solutions to big challenges.

When looking to implement identity management protocols, consider using a professional company like E-Docs USA to guide you and your organization. Outsourcing this allows the organization to focus on their business knowing access is safe.

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