When Do Stored Records get Destroyed


Whenever you use a service or product, a record of your information is kept within that organization’s database. Document management is a critical part of the maintenance and safety of this information.

This record is kept and maintained for a period of time until it becomes inactive and is ultimately destroyed. When and how records are destroyed are dependent on different laws and regulations that monitor these industries.

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When Do Stored Records get Destroyed

Life Cycle of Records

Document management includes an understanding of the life cycle of records. Records of personal information, health information, and financial information are all protected under different regulatory bodies. Because of this, your information and records fall into a life cycle of records.

Each individual state has laws and rules regarding the retention of records, but the basic process falls under this cycle. This life cycle includes creation, utilization, maintenance, and destruction.


Informational records are created whenever you use a service or product. This can include health records, school records, government records, etc. Your information is compiled and input into a database of files where it is kept, used, maintained and destroyed based on state mandates.


Once a record is created, it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, an electronic health record can be created by your primary physician and used/accessed by hospitals and specialists with access to the same network. A log is typically kept of who accessed your record, when your record was used, and what was viewed. If a record is being used by an organization for any reason it remains active.


The organization that created the record is responsible for the maintenance of this record and ensuring that all the information is accurate and up to date. For example, when you go to a yearly appointment at your physician’s office, you should be asked to update your contact and medical information. This will be updated in your record. As long as you are actively using the services that created the record, it should remain in their system and be maintained on a regular basis.


If for any reason you stop using the service that created the record, your record will become inactive after a period of time. If your record remains inactive for a specific length of time (as mandated by the state and regulatory agencies) it will then be destroyed. This final phase of document management insures that records are properly disposed of.

When Do Stored Records Get Destroyed?

Records are destroyed after a specific period of inactivity has passed. Because records are maintained on a regular basis the organization in which your record is kept should be reviewing inactive records and destroying them in accordance with the laws. These laws change depending on the state you are in and the industry that the organization is a part of. For example, in the healthcare industry, the federal requirement for retaining records is 5 years of inactivity. This means that your physician’s office is responsible for destroying your records after 5 years of inactivity.

Destruction of Electronic Records

Before the creation of electronic records, records were easy to physically destroy. They would physically be pulled from a file, and shredded so that no one could have access to this information. Now, records are stored electronically and are more difficult to destroy. Similar to destroying physical records, the destruction of electronic records can be done in a variety of ways. It starts when your record is removed from all electronic locations and placed on a hard drive. The hard drive is then destroyed by overwriting it, degaussing, disintegration, pulverization, melting, incinerating, or shredding.

Creating, Maintaining, and Destroying Records—All in One Place

In an increasingly technologically dependent world, record management is becoming an important aspect of technical literacy. It can be difficult to create, maintain, and destroy records in a safe and secure way. That is where e-Docs USA comes in. We are the premier solution for record management. With our technology and software you can create, maintain, and destroy records in a quick, efficient, and secure manner.

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