What is Digital Workflow

What is a Digital Workflow?

Digital workflow has become a widely used term in the past few years.

Many businesses and corporations are converting their current workflows into digital ones. But what exactly is a digital workflow? What does it do and how does it help? Don’t worry eDocs is here to answer all those questions and more.

A workflow is a step-by-step breakdown of how things are completed within an organization. A workflow can take large tasks such as hiring a new employee and break it down into actionable steps all the way through the employee’s onboarding.

When a company moves to a digital workflow, they are converting their internal processes into digital ones, to eliminate administrative tasks.

What is Digital Workflow

According to SnapLogic, “90% of employees are being burdened with boring and repetitive tasks which could be easily automated.” With a digital workflow, employees can be more productive because they are no longer relying on each other for notifications and information about projects. It can also eliminate errors along the workflow, ensuring that each task is properly done. This leads to increased efficiency within the business.

What can a digital workflow do?

This type of digitalization is beneficial in many different industries because of its many features. This can include automation in things such as:

● Employee onboarding
● Payment Processing
● Claims Processing
● Supply Chain Management
● Support Tickets
● Marketing Campaign Projects

What does this look like in your business?

The best way to demonstrate and show how a digital workflow can help your business is by demonstrating how it works. So, let’s say you work in HR for a company and that you are tasked with hiring a new employee. This task comes with many steps and procedures that need to be met in a particular order and it may look something like this:

1. Placing Job Ad
2. Receiving Applications
3. Hiring Manager Reviewing Resumes and Cover Letters
4. HR Selects Job Candidates for Interview
5. Interview Invitations are Sent
6. Interviews are Scheduled

Within each of the above workflow steps, there is a long manual process—pulling applications from the online ad, emailing them to the hiring manager, receiving an email back, emailing the job candidates, and finally coordinating an interview with the candidate and hiring manager.

With a digital workflow it could look like this:

1. Job Ad is Placed
2. Applications are Received and Forwarded to the Hiring Manager Automatically
3. Hiring Manager Selects Candidates and an interview invitation is sent
4. Candidate selects date and time from calendar that works for them and the hiring manager

As you can see, the digital workflow cuts down on the back and forth and eliminates the need for unnecessary communication. It also prevents people from relying on one another and prevents human errors.  Processes can be automated and your business can become more efficient and productive.

How do I transfer to a digital workflow?

Converting your business from a typical workflow to a digital workflow can be difficult. There is lots of planning involved, and it can take a lot of time, energy, and money.

First, you will have to scan all your current documents and convert them to a digital format. Then you will need to create the proper filing techniques on your storage network. Then you will need to create a new digital process and train your employees.

Converting to this process on your own can be a massive capital investment, can cause significant strain on staff, and even then your staff isn’t an expert in this area so it can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Instead of doing it yourself, you can outsource your digital workflow transfer to experts like eDocs USA.

Converting to a digital workflow with eDocs USA

eDocs USA, offers scanning services which transfer your current workflow into a digital workflow. Our team of advisors is available to help you optimize retention, privacy, compliance, content classification and risk management practices. Plus, e-Docs can even place our scan operators on-site in your offices for close collaboration on short- or long-term projects.

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