What is Acquire Workflow Manager

Workflow Management

A workflow management tool, Acquire Workflow Manager can help any business helps address workflow challenges, both within and outside of geographic information system (GIS) environments.

No matter the business focus, similar sources of stress and disorganization that negatively impact your business can be seen throughout the business spectrum.

Challenges can include a lack of internal communication, which can result in two people performing the same function and being unable to tell anyone about the problem or what else they could be doing. Or maybe the workflow has been clogged due to the inability to properly monitor assignment responsibilities and completion statuses.

What is AcQuire Workflow Manager

Categorization options may be outdated or nonexistent, making it harder to track what gets done and who got it done.

All businesses, even the small ones, have to be data-driven to function properly in the 21st century. And Acquire Workflow Manager can supply the necessary tools and organization to make that happen.

Monitoring Workflow Streams

First and foremost, Acquire Workflow Manager allows a business to set up and monitor a workflow system to keep track of every task handled by the business. A job can be assigned, observed, finalized, and archived, providing a work history that shows everything from start to finish.

Acquire Workflow Manager also allows the business to adapt to each job as new challenges occur. A task requires more attention and resources to meet the assigned deadline? Acquire Workflow Manager allows the diversion of resources and responsibilities to more individuals as the supervisor decides. Does new information have to be communicated to the assigned workers? Done and done. The job gets finished early and can go out immediately? Now the business can react faster.

Knowledge is power, and communication plus adaptability equals success.

Process Unification

Depending on the size of the business in question and the specific tasks employed by each department, it can be imperative to make sure the overall process system can be shared and followed by the entire team.

For example, while the process of a production team (design and creation) will be different from the process of sales (interaction and negotiation), both departments have to sync with the overall business workflow. Acquire Workflow Manager employs a user interface where management can create and refine a workflow design that unifies the overall business process.

You can’t run a business if the departments don’t serve the overall business design. Without Acquire Workflow Manager, operating your business can be like trying to sync a smartphone to a VCR.

Workflow Tracking from Start to Finish

Acquire Workflow Manager is an all-encompassing workflow system that starts with the creation of a new job. That job gets assigned to an individual who starts the task, their progress monitored through the system and allowing for regular status reports as the task gets carried out. While supervisors and stakeholders observe the reports, new information and updates can be relayed to the individuals through Acquire Workflow Manager. So if one task has to be paused, the individual will immediately be informed by the system to stop focusing on that task and focus their energies on other assigned tasks.

The historical tracking system also allows individuals with access to view the various versions of a task, illustrating how edits and changes were made and how they compare to the older versions. Also, the geographical application allows workers operating in different locations to have shared access to the same system, eliminating the problems caused by miscommunication or lack of information. Finally, Acquire Workflow Manager can provide offline job access should the individual worker gets disconnected from the shared network.

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