Web App Services for Searching Cloud Databases 2022

Different Web App Services

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting an application for searching cloud databases, including user-friendliness, program adaptability, and data retention. With those factors in mind, consider this list of web app services for searching cloud databases.


A free SQL relational database management system software, Firebirdsql offers the strength of platform adaptability. The application can operate on platforms including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux among others.
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MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server was developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1989. It is now considered to be an excellent Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for both On-premise and Cloud environments. This enterprise-proven agile database has built-in intelligence that allows businesses to scale the performance, availability, and security seamlessly based on their requirements. It is available both on Windows and Linux platforms.


PostgreSQL was designed for businesses that have to process and manage huge amounts of data, such as government entities or larger businesses that have a lot of user information going back and forth at all times. Written in C, this one can be found on domain registrations and automation.


Enjoying the popularity that comes with being an open-source database project, Redis also allows the functions of a distributed cache and message broker.

The Oracle

A versatile database management system, Oracle offers a variety of popular commercial relational database management systems. Oracle also requires less storage space and can process information faster than most other database management systems. Useful features include JSON and has assembly languages for C, C++, and Java built into the basic operating system.


Very popular for web application development, MySQL was designed with C and C++ in mind and comes in a variety of editions that each offer its own unique features. A structured query language goes a long way with this one.


Elasticsearch operates as a full-text search engine with a multi-tenant capability and a REST API. Other features include horizontal scaling, structured and schema-less data, and the ability to consider Logging or Monitoring information.


OrientDB provides an open-source database with NoSQL multi-model database program. This setup allows businesses to make better use of graph database management software. Better performance with scalability, and support for document and object-oriented models.


While one of its main features includes a decentralized database (Leaderless) with automatic replication and multi-datacenter replication, Cassandra also offers different operations and infrastructure.


Offering columnar storage with parallel distributed data architecture, MariaDB is compatible with MySQL Protocol and Clients.


The key features of SQLite rest with that lack of configuration or server installation. It’s a simple system with common database software functions.


Data saved using Neo4j gets displayed as graphs instead of tables. It’s a fast operating system that allows the creation of shortcuts to accelerate domain data as the user or network requires.

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