The Power of the Cloud


Everybody has heard about the cloud, but not everybody understands the power of the cloud or how truly flexible cloud computing services can be for businesses and customers.

While every cloud service provider could potentially offer a variety of specific services, the overall features of every cloud system can be boiled down to a few core features.

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Cloud Computing services


The provider of the cloud services buys and maintains the systems needed to provide the services and houses them in a facility separate from the customer. Basically, the host company takes responsibility of buying, setting up, and maintaining any of the hardware/software used to provide the cloud services.

Think of hosting the same way you would a storage company. This step allows the customers to operate their businesses without having to allocate storage space and maintenance resources on their own property.

It could also mean less overheard. Without having to take responsibility for the hosting, the business can free up resources to be used in other business areas.

Self Service

Every business has its own specific needs, and those needs will change as time passes. But while more traditional document management services might require a business to purchase new equipment every few years, cloud services generally offer customers self-service by way of a web browser. As long as the customer has internet access and a web browser installed, they should be able to access a self-service interface to alter their cloud services as needed.

This touches on the idea of avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach to hardware/software applications in favor of a more personalized approach to service.

Usage Payment

Also known as paying only for what gets used. If your business does not require every feature offered on a given piece of software, cloud services can allow a user to select the exact services they need and only pay for what gets used.

Big Performance Value Records with e-Docs USA

Many cloud service providers have geared their systems to handle the maximum amount of service to their clients. While not every client may decide to maximize that potential, the ability to do so should be encouraging to any client; if they ever reach a point where the business services have to be increased, the cloud service provider will have the capacity to make that happen. At e-Docs USA, we believe harnessing the power of the cloud to advance your business or institution is critical. It brings value to your work environment with greater security and interactive communication.

Cloud Service Types

Just like the actual clouds in the sky can be classified by type, the services available in the cloud can be categorized.

• IaaS

Otherwise known as Infrastructure as a Service, this service type allows access to data in its simplest forms. IaaS can provide access to data storage, processing capabilities, networking options, and any other data types at their fundamental core.

• PaaS

Platform as a Service allows software development teams to make better use of storage infrastructure, increasing the ability to make use of web servers, software development, and database management.

• SaaS

Software as a Service allows cloud customers to effectively lease the software they want to use at a reduced rate, allowing them to make business decisions better tailored to their specific needs.

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