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Questions to Consider for the Demo

Even a company familiar with document management may not understand what the services include, how they function, and the best way they can be utilized to benefit their individual needs. As such, they can benefit greatly by requesting a demonstration of the document management services before making use of the system.

Obviously, your specific business needs will require more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to document management. A business that handles confidential information, for example, may have greater security needs than a business that manages the wholesale of imported goods.

That being said, consider some of these specific questions when requesting a demo from a document management service provider.

demo for digital data management

Specific Data Search Criteria

When managing any type of documentation, the ability to quickly research and retrieve the information will be of great importance. After all, if you can’t readily find the information you’ve kept, it would probably just be easier to store the information in a cardboard box in your office. Make sure the search parameters can be set to your specifications. If you prefer to search documents based on date of entry, make sure the service provider can make that happen. General search criteria can include client names, sales dates, and any specific categorizations used by your office or business.

Types of Documents Stored

Does your business save all documents as JPEGs of PDFs? What about TIFF images? Do you need the option to scan other documents into a system using another format? And do you need the ability to edit those images?

Digital document storage can include a host of specific document needs, so it’s important to know the kinds of documents that can be stored if they can be compatible with other document types, and how easy it will be to access and view those documents.

Access Blocks

Data security should be a prime concern to any organization looking to make the best use of document management. Who gets to access the information, what information should require greater security levels and the types of security precautions that can be set all need to be considered for any document management demo.

Also, remember to ask how to add or delete users based on security clearance needs. It’s possible that new people will need access to the classified data, or that old users need to have their clearance removed should they leave the company or business. The ability to make those changes should not be difficult or time-consuming tasks.

Older Document Versions

In most cases, document management saves every document scanned into a system. Unless a user goes into the system and specifically deletes a document, that original version should remain in the system when an updated version of the document goes into the system.

Be sure to ask the demo provider about document stacking, which allows multiple versions of a document to exist in the management system. That will allow an organization to save and maintain all versions of a document, no matter the age and doc type.

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