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SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is cloud based and delivers software by the cloud provider. It basically works like leasing; rather than having to purchase the license to an expensive software to upgrade your business, SaaS allows the company to essentially rent the new software at less expensive rates – a pay as you go model.

So in theory, rather than drop $5,000 for a software upgrade, you could rent the needed software for $500 annually.

While outright owning the software may be preferable, the flexibility offered by SaaS can be very appealing. And no matter the business or field in question, all SaaS providers have similar operational principles:

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In certain industries it is easy to see why protecting your stored records is important. If you work in healthcare, people’s medical information can be stolen. In government offices, people can become victims of identity theft. Ensuring that your records are protected is important, and often, required.

In other industries, it may seem like protecting your stored records is not that important; however, it is. The information you store can be used to send customers spam calls and emails, gain access to bank accounts, track down identification information, and even used to gain access to more highly protected documents. Protecting your customers/clients from such an attack is an important aspect of your business.

By using SaaS, business applications with the latest innovations can be obtained more readily. You can keep your security as up to date as possible. You can get the latest features without having to pay for an expensive system upgrade.

Ready Access

Depending on the size of your business and the importance of protecting your stored records, there are a variety of ways that e-Docs can help. With e-Docs ScanQuire services you can safely store and manage your important documents. No matter what size business, organization, or industry you are in, ScanQuire offers AI intelligent Indexing, workflow management, and AcQuire Forms.

With ScanQuire you can quickly and easily convert paper documents to electronic versions and store them in a secure, encrypted cloud location. Our solutions are designed for your company and needs. With three levels of options to choose from you can choose as much or as little protection/storage as you need. 

Our software and RecordsNET Vault products and services are all sold at an affordable monthly fee as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. 

Potentially Lower Fees

As previously stated, SaaS services can generally be procured for a fraction of the total cost of software ownership. While the service fee types will vary depending on the provider (some use monthly fees, others an annual cost), the difference in costs can be extremely beneficial to any business.  At e-Docs USA, our software and RecordsNET Vault products and services are all sold at an affordable monthly fee as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. The hardware and professional engineering services can be paid monthly with a 48-month to a 60-month agreement.

No Additional Costs for Updates

Software updates occur frequently, which could be problematic for companies unable to meet the costs to use the latest software.
SaaS services roll with the changes, generally allowing the software being leased to be updated and used by the client at no additional cost. That could potentially save both money and time for the user, as software updates can interfere with normal business practices during implementation.

Things to Consider

While SaaS does present more flexible software options at a potentially lower cost, it’s important to analyze your specific business needs before engaging in professional SaaS services. To that end, consider these important factors.

• Cost

Analyze what you’ll get for what you pay. Yes, SaaS may seem like a huge win in terms of cost. But make sure the costs and payment options work best for you before deciding to use them. The annual fee alone might lead many to decide it would be cheaper in the long run just to purchase the software and be done with it.

• Business Interfacing

Does SaaS work for your specific business needs? Don’t approach SaaS services believing it will automatically decrease cost and increase production. It’s possible the formatting could end up harming your business more than helping, so be sure it will meet your needs before you buy.

• Support

How simple will SaaS be for your average employee to use? Will clients be able to access the information they want without difficulty? And if all else fails, who will be available to handle any questions you may have about SaaS operations?

Check with the provider about the kind of support offered with the services, and don’t be afraid to request a demo so you can get a better understanding of how the system will work.

e-Docs USA is pleased to provide scanning, document management, workflow software, document conversion services, indexing services, and database development for public, private, and on-premise data storage.  Our software and RecordsNET Vault products and services are all sold at an affordable monthly fee as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. 

At e-docs USA, we can help you learn more about SaaS and other aspects of document management.   Want to learn more? Contact e-Docs USA today.


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