Document Scanning and your Business

Document Scanning and your Business

Converting your paper documents into a digital format through document scanning is a great opportunity to save costs and grow your business.

Think about your office space for a second. How much of your office is taken up by large and clunky filing cabinets? How often do you use the documents in those cabinets? How easy would it be to locate a specific document in your office? The answer to these questions was probably yes, not often, and difficult.

Thankfully, you can clear up space and store old documents in an easy-to-find and search location with document scanning.

Document Scanning and your Business

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning takes the documents that you currently use, or store in your business, and converts them to a digital format. Once these documents are in a digital format, they are much easier to organize and search through and don’t take up as much space.

In certain industries it is easy to see why protecting your stored records is important. If you work in healthcare, people’s medical information can be stolen. In government offices, people can become victims of identity theft. Ensuring that your records are protected is important, and often, required.

In other industries, it may seem like protecting your stored records is not that important; however, it is. The information you store can be used to send customers spam calls and emails, gain access to bank accounts, track down identification information, and even used to gain access to more highly protected documents. Protecting your customers/clients from such an attack is an important aspect of your business.

Benefits of Document Scanning for your Business

In many industries document scanning doesn’t seem like it would be beneficial to your business, however, that is not the case. Any business can benefit from this process. It helps you reduce costs, allows for easy and secure access, and frees up office space.

Reduce Costs

In the long run, document scanning reduces the costs associated with a paper file management system. While you may not notice, businesses typically spend a considerable amount of money on printing costs for their documents. Similarly, hiring staff to perform administrative duties associated with a paper filing can also be costly. According to a study conducted in 2012 workers facing document-related challenges can lead to over $19,000 in wasted time and “a loss of 21.3% in the organization’s total productivity.” Instead of taking on these costs, you can switch to document scanning and convert it to a digital workflow.

Easy and Secure Access

In addition to reducing costs, you can convert your documents in an easy and secure format. Current document scanning technology allows you to scan files and index them according to keywords. These keywords can then be searched and all documents with those tags will be returned. This makes it easy to search all of the stored data.

Similarly, instead of storing documents in a location that can be accessed by multiple people and can be destroyed in natural disasters, you can secure documents according to your needs. This can include encryption, password protection, and access controls to all of your stored data. With some document scanning software, you can even be compliant with regulatory bodies such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and others.

Free Office Space

Another way you can reduce costs is by freeing up office space. Filing cabinets and archived documents take up a lot of space. If all of your documents are scanned and digitally stored/archived, you are able to free up physical space in your office. This can even lead to downsizing your office space and saving money.

Drawbacks of Document Scanning

There are so many benefits of document scanning, but creating an in-house document scanning/digital workflow comes with it’s list of drawbacks. For starters, the initial price of the scanning equipment and software can cost a considerable amount of money. In addition to this large capital investment, the time and effort it takes to go back and scan the piles of documents and archived documents can take away considerable staff resources. You would likely have to hire a single person to do this as a full-time job.

And finally, there is always room for error. If a scan comes out blurry or data is incorrectly archived, it can completely disrupt the progress you were attempting to make in the first place. That is why eDocs USA has created a document scanning service. Now you can outsource your document scanning and save on time and money.

Outsourcing with eDocs Scanning Services

At eDocs, we understand how valuable your time and money are, that is why we provide scanning services in addition to our document scanning software. Our team of digitization specialists can help you create more effective and efficient processes. This can increase accuracy and reduce administrative burden by automating back-office workflows.

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