Document imaging software and your company

Efficient, Compliant, Secured

Document imaging software helps your company convert paper documents into electronic copies.

This can help your company become more efficient, maintain compliance, increase security, and even grow. In this article, eDocs USA will explain what document imaging software is, how it is beneficial to your company, and how software such as ScanQuire can help.

With the help of e-Docs USA, you can do just that at a low monthly price.

Document Imaging Software and your Company

What is Document Imaging Software?

Think back to the old days of paper filing systems—stacks and stack of files, papers, cabinets. Now, imagine that you have to go and find a particular document from that filing system. It will probably take you a while to locate where it should be, but what if it isn’t there? Now, you are looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, today’s technology makes that filing system a thing of the past. Many organizations and companies are converting to completely online documentation. But what if paper documents are still convenient? That is where document imaging software comes in.

This type of software refers to the process of converting paper documents into a digital version. This allows your company to convert to a completely digital format and comes with a variety of benefits. However, digitizing the backlog of company documents and incoming documents consumes a lot of time, energy, and money. That is why today, there are companies such as eDocs USA, who do it all for you!

Benefits of Using Document Imaging Software

There are many benefits to using document imaging software. They include organized and searchable storage and collaboration, compliance and security, efficiency, and scalability.

Storage and Collaboration

When you digitize your company documents this converts them into an electronic format that can be easily stored, filed/organized, and provides collaboration. When you store paper documents it can be difficult to track them down if they are not in the correct place. With document imaging software, you can tag and create specific fields which allow you to search for a document if it ends up becoming lost.

Similarly, when your documents are located on a single software application, your team can all have collaborative access to the application. This makes workflows much easier and provides your company with the ability to work together whenever and wherever they want.

Compliance and Security

A good document imaging software should be able to provide compliance and security for your company’s documents. This can include compliance with medical, legal, or government entities; as well as encrypted, password-protected, and secure access to the documents.


What makes certain document imaging software stand out is its ability to create more efficient processes and workflows. Instead of taking a written document and typing it by hand, it should be able to scan it, convert it to an electronic format, and store it according to your rules. This can help increase accuracy and provide automated workflows to reduce strain on your staff.


In addition, good document imaging software provides your team with a scalable solution. You should only have to pay for what you use, not what you think you will use. The software should be able to grow with you and provide you with more storage or capabilities as you need them.

Choose eDocs USA as Your Document Imaging Software Provider

Unlike other document imaging software companies eDocs USA provides all of the above benefits and more. Our innovative software—ScanQuire—allows your business to process, capture, store, and retrieve your documents through keyword indexing.

Our cost-effective solution allows your business to grow and become more efficient. Interested in learning more? Visit our website to learn more, or schedule a demo today!


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