Common Archive Storage Solutions

Why Is It Important to Keep Records?

Every business generates data that has to be archived meaning kept for reference as needed in the future. While it’s tempting to think this rule would only apply to large companies, even a freelance contractor working solo will generate data. For example, contracts, proof of material purchases, bills accrued during work, a final invoice, and correspondences with the client that can include e-mails and text messages are all important to be able to refer back to.

Therefore archive storage becomes a vital part of any business. And while physical records have long been the standard practice in records retention, today digital archiving can provide better long-term storage solutions for a business’ historical data.

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common archive storage solution

Better Long-Term Storage

Data and records that need to be archived for reference and verification can quickly become large and a storage dilemma. Traditionally, physical data copies would be kept in filing cabinets and storage warehouses.  However, as these records tend to pile up quickly and require constant maintenance, you may need to find better and more cost effective ways to store and access archived records.

Digital archive storage solutions, such as the digital cloud, allow for large quantities of data to be stored and referenced based on the owner’s preference and design. Digging through old paper files can be a pain in the neck and time-consuming. Searches through digital records, however, usually requires the appropriate keyword to bring up the needed file.

Used in conjunction with physical records, digital archive storage solutions can help eliminate many of the demands of physical record maintenance while also allowing the user to access old records with ease.

Generally the best use of digital archival storage should be for older data not frequently accessed by the user. Think of it like printing a hard copy of your tax returns every year and putting them in a storage box in the closet. You don’t need to have that information out in the open for anyone to access, but next year at tax time you may want to find information from those returns and you know exactly where to find it. Digital archive storage gives your business that same ease of location

Easier Maintenance

All data storage requires some degree of maintenance. Archived digital storage just eliminates most of the aches and pains of physical maintenance.

Think about the large amount of paperwork a successful business generates in one month. When relying only on physical storage, all that data has to be stored someplace out of the way but readily accessible if necessary.

Additionally, those physical records have to be kept safe from destruction from the elements, which can be everything from an office fire to water damage from a busted pipe or leaking roof.

Digital archiving helps reduce the dangers of physical destruction while providing a primary and secondary level of record retention. Rather than relying solely on physical records which could be destroyed, digital records grant further insurance against the loss of crucial data. Plus, digital archiving can help a business reduce or eliminate storage and maintenance costs. With the data backed up in a digital cloud, the physical records no longer require storage space or a physical caretaker to maintain them.

Choosing the Best Archive Storage Solution

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