e-Docs USA is comitted to creating customized solutions to fit our customers needs. We specialize in providing solutions to hospitals and clinics, but our system is not limited to the healthcare industry. This list of features includes the most commonly requested and used features of our system. If your needs include something that is not listed, feel free to contact us. We may have worked with the issue in the past, or we may be able to integrate it into our system.

Ease of Use:

Making the software intuitive and simple to use is one of our top priorities. The layout and menus were designed to guide the user through the scanning process. Operator training for basic functionality takes as little as a half an hour, and most users become proficient within a couple of hours. Indexing screens for different document types are designed to be straight forward and require as little user input as possible.

Microsoft Sharepoint Integration:

Our software allows you to scan directly to a MicroSoft Sharepoint Document Library without any additional server components. Uploaded documents can also be retrieved and modified using the scanning software.


In addition to integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, our plugin architecture allows us to rapidly develop archiving to a variety of destinations. The most common archivers are: Local Folder, Network Folder, FTP, and Email. If you already have a document management system in place, please let us know the details and we will work with your vendor to provide a solution.

Scanning & Retrieving:

Using custom screens created to fit your needs, high speed scanners, and a streamlined process, your operators can easily convert paper documents into digital records. Large records can be broken down into sections to make it easy to retrieve exactly what you are looking for. With a very small footprint (about 8x2x2 inches) insurance card scanners, you can scan insurance cards and drivers licenses directly into the system without leaving their desk to use a photocopier.

Automated Demographics:

If you already have an electronic copy of your demographic information, we can receive an automated feed (typically HL7 or plain-text csv) and load the demographic information without your operators having to key it into both systems.

Automated Document Import:

Similar to the automated demographics, if your existing system is capable of sending us electronic files, we can import and index the files.

Document Export:

Our system makes it easy to export any scanned documents as an industry standard TIFF or PDF file that can be used with a different application. The export process can be manual or automated. For example: if you need all scanned records to end up in your EMR system, you can scan them in and the system will automatically export them to a shared folder that the EMR will import the data into the e-Docs system.

Release of Information:

Instead of wasting paper, time, and postage printing (or photocopying) and mailing entire paper records, you can export scanned records directly from the system as encrypted, password-protected, electronic PDF files. Small files can be transmitted via email, while larger files can be burned to CD or saved to a USB flash drive. The system can also help you keep a log of all records that have been released.

Barcode Recognition & Batch Scanning:

From individual page-naming to automatic indexing, barcodes can be utilized to make your job easier. If your forms are already barcoded, the system can proccess your existing barcodes. If not the system also has built in barcodes.

Cloud Storage:

Store your information safe on the Azure Cloud and with a web interface you can access you information anytime on any device.


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